Mad Women

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Physical presence is no longer a requirement for fashion week; it has been this way for some time now. Almost instantly after an event like fashion week or award shows, threads of speedy opinions simultaneously debates and determines the trends that you are most likely to come across parading on the street in the next six months. The waiting process from the first time we get expose to these garments to the actual moment we get to wear it, become tedious.  This is not only due to the manufacturing time but also Mother Nature makes you wait to a sensible time to wear a coat, which is not the middle of august. 

During this waiting time we get almost bombarded with trends, which makes it feel like there is no longer a choice, but a fact you almost certainly may sport a certain look in the near future. I’ve never been an obedient person, so I opt after I have fed my initial curiosity, to look somewhere else, anywhere.

It seems fit to look at the women of mad men, who like myself lived in a world powered and manipulated by advertising. The interesting thing about looking at the work of wardrobe designer Janie Bryant, is that she truly builds up the memento of the characters by the outfit they wear.

I love the mystery a supermodel exudes, yet there is something about when a style is carried by a character in television that gives the pieces a fantasy element, which is carried out when you wear it in ‘real life'. 

Today I’m inspired by both Mrs. Draper. Who both are mad to be involved with Don, yet they are extremely sophisticated, each on their own manner. What I love about being inspired, is that it becomes like a hunt to find pieces which could be vintage or modern and adapt them into everyday life.


Betty Draper


Megan Draper


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